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  • Karl Storz 11101RP2 Rhino Laryngoscope

    Karl Storz 11101RP2 rhino-laryngoscope for sale. It is in very good condition.

  • Pentax EG-2790K Gastroscope

    The EG-2790K combines a 9.0 mm insertion tube, a high-resolution CCD and a 2.8 mm working channel in one package.

  • Pentax EG-1690K Gastroscope

    The EG-1690K video color Gastroscope is the newest addition to the PENTAX family of acclaimed video endoscopy systems.

  • Pentax EG-2990i HD Gastroscope

    The EG-2990i includes a 9.8 mm insertion tube housing a versatile 2.8 mm working channel, as well as a forward water jet mechanism for clearing debris from the endoscopic view. 

  • Pentax EG-3490k Video Gastroscope

    The ultimate standard-sized therapeutic video gastroscope, the EG-3490K incorporates an extra-large 3.8 mm working channel that greatly expands the variety of therapeutic accessories that can be used for treatment.

  • Pentax FG-29V Gastroscope

    PENTAX has succeeded in combining superior quality and simple design in such a way that has never before been seen. Designed with unmatched creativity and workmanship, the PENTAX V-Series scopes reflect the intelligence and sensitivity the medical...

  • Pentax FG-24V Gastroscope

    PENTAX has succeeded in combining superior quality and simple design in such a way that has never before been seen.

  • Pentax Duodenoscope ED-3490TK

    The 11.6 mm insertion tube houses an large 4.2 mm working channel. The endoscope is easy to use for cannulation and can be used in such treatment applications as endoscopic sphincterotomy (EST), endoscopic retrograde biliary drainage (ERBD), and...

  • Pentax Duodenoscope ED-3670TK

    The 12.1 mm insertion tube houses an extra-large 4.8 mm working channel. The ED-3670TK can be used for a diverse range of endoscopic applications, such as with large drainage tubes during ECRP and large therapeutic accessories during lithotripsy.

  • Olympus CF-H180AL/I Video Colonoscope

    Buy or sell a pre owned Olympus CF-H180AL/I colonoscope here.

  • Olympus BF-1T180 Video Bronchoscope

    Buy or sell a pre owned Olympus BF-1T180 bronchoscope here.

  • Olympus GIF-HQ190 Video Gastroscope

    Buy or sell a pre owned Olympus GIF-HQ190 EVIS EXERA III Videogastroscope here.

  • Olympus GIF-H190 Video Gastroscope

    Super high-resolution HDTV imaging capability ensures accurate rendition of fine capillaries and subtle mucosal structuresClose Focus for close-up observation without magnification.

  • Olympus GIF-XP190N Evis Exera III Video Gastroscope

    The GIF-XP190N is the ideal choice when diagnosis using a super-slim videogastroscope is required. Excellent image quality, field-of view and illumination, coupled with enhanced NBI capabilities, make the GIF-XP190N a powerful tool for diagnostic...

  • Olympus PCF-PH190L/I Video Colonoscope

    The PCF-PH190L/I Video Colonoscope is a new ultra-slim colonoscope with a high-resolution, full-screen image and an 11.3 mm slim insertion tube.