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  • Smith Nephew 300XL Xenon Light Source

    The Smith and Nephew 300XL light source features a multi-port light receptacle for use with Olympus, Storz, Dyonics and ACMI fiber optic cables to provide bright white light and natural color reproduction.

  • Smith Nephew 460 Endoscopy Tower

    Complete Smith & Nephew 460 Endoscopy Tower for sale, includes: 460P processor, 470H camera head, Dyonics 300XL light source, NDS HD monitor, 640 IMS with integrated Touch Monitor and more.

  • Smith Nephew 460P Endoscopy Camera Processor

    This Smith Nephew 460P Camera Control Unit (CCU) delivers plug-and-play efficiency for all endoscopic specialties. The 460P series CCUs utilize advanced digital image processing to consistently deliver the exceptional images surgeons demand.

  • Stryker Endoscopy 1088 HD Camera Head

    Stryker® 1088 HD Camera Head With 24mm Coupler.

  • Stryker CORE Driver Console 5400-50

    Stryker Endoscopy offers unrivaled power and precision for Arthroscopy with the CORE console.

  • Stryker SDC-HD Image Capturing System 240-050-888

    The High Definition Stryker Digital Capture system (SDC HD) is the newest member of the digital capture line.

  • Stryker CORE Shaver System

    Stryker’s software-based system helps surgeons in various specialties perform aggressive tissue resection and rapid bone debridement during arthroscopic procedures.

  • Stryker Crossfire Arthroscopic Resection System

    The first and only integrated arthroscopic resection system, Crossfire works seamlessly with the iSWITCH wireless universal footswitch-combining RF and Shaver control in one console.

  • Stryker Endoscopy 1288 HD Camera Head

    A groundbreaking new development of this endoscopic camera is its ability to allow for wireless transmission capabilities in the operating room when used with the Stryker WiSe wireless flat panel monitor. With the WiSe technology, operating room...

  • Stryker Endoscopy 1488 HD Camera Head

    The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to continue the legacy of best-in-class video systems that Stryker has delivered to its customers for over 25 years.

  • Stryker Endoscopy1188 HD Camera Head

    As a new addition to Stryker’s HD family, the 1188 High Definition Autoclavable 3-Chip camera offers the same durable, ergonomic camera head that can now be steam sterilized for quick turnaround and better OR efficiency.

  • Stryker L9000 LED Light Source

    Now an eco-friendly and cost savings OR device, the L9000 LED Light Source reduces hazardous environmental waste by preventing frequent changes of light bulbs.

  • Stryker SDC Classic Digital Capture Device

    The SDC Classic is designed to operate as a fundamental digital capture device in the operating room. It has the ability to capture images in High Definition and record video in multiple formats. The Classic is designed to be backwards compatible,...

  • Stryker SDC3 Information Management System

    The SDC3 is a complete information management system that delivers a complete platform in one device—combining digital capturing, data management and data connectivity. While providing advanced features that meet the needs of the most demanding...

  • Smith Nephew 660HD Image Management System

    Buy a pre-owned Smith & Nephew 660HD Image Management System at a significant savings with a warranty.