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  • Pentax LH-150PC Light Source

    The lightweight LH-150PC includes a built-in pump system that effectively delivers air/water.

  • Pentax EPK-1000 Video Processor

    The EPK-1000 Digital Color Video Processor utilizes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which automatically adjusts and optimizes the color and illumination of the video signal to provide maximum image clarity and resolution.

  • FujiFilm EPX-2500 Processor Light Source

    The FujiFilm EPX-2500 is a video endoscopy processor/sight source designed for the outpatient endoscopic diagnostic center.

  • Fujifilm EPX-4440HD Endoscopic Video Processor and...

    The FujiFilm EPX-4440HD is a new endoscopic video processor designed for the ambulatory surgical center. MED buys and sells pre-owned models.

  • Smith Nephew 300XL Xenon Light Source

    The Smith and Nephew 300XL light source features a multi-port light receptacle for use with Olympus, Storz, Dyonics and ACMI fiber optic cables to provide bright white light and natural color reproduction.

  • Smith Nephew 460 Endoscopy Tower

    Complete Smith & Nephew 460 Endoscopy Tower for sale, includes: 460P processor, 470H camera head, Dyonics 300XL light source, NDS HD monitor, 640 IMS with integrated Touch Monitor and more.

  • Olympus CLV-190 Video Xenon Light Source

    The Visera Elite Xenon Light Source CLV-S190 is even better than before, featuring improved Narrow band Imaging (NBI) for brighter, higher contrast images and a new cooling design minimising the operating noise level.

  • Olympus CV-180 Video Processor

    Experience the new standard in Endoscopic imaging with this advanced HDTV-compatible video processor.

  • Stryker Endoscopy 1288 HD Camera Head

    A groundbreaking new development of this endoscopic camera is its ability to allow for wireless transmission capabilities in the operating room when used with the Stryker WiSe wireless flat panel monitor. With the WiSe technology, operating room...

  • Stryker Endoscopy 1488 HD Camera Head

    The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to continue the legacy of best-in-class video systems that Stryker has delivered to its customers for over 25 years.

  • Stryker Endoscopy1188 HD Camera Head

    As a new addition to Stryker’s HD family, the 1188 High Definition Autoclavable 3-Chip camera offers the same durable, ergonomic camera head that can now be steam sterilized for quick turnaround and better OR efficiency.

  • Stryker X8000 Xenon Endoscopy Light Source

    For enhanced surgical visualization, the Stryker X8000 Endoscopy Xenon Light Source complements the Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera by enhancing its picture with clean, pure light. This maximizes the ability of Stryker’s high-definition video...

  • Olympus CLV-180 Xenon Light Source

    EVIS Exera II high intensity 300W xenon light source for Olympus color CCD videoscope system with specially coated filters for Narrow Band Imaging (only for GI) and emergency 100W Halogen lamp

  • Olympus CV-190 Digestive Endoscopy Video Processor

    The EVIS EXERA III Video System Center CV-190 enables easy access to the range of advanced diagnostic features incorporated into EVIS EXERA III endoscopes.

  • Smith Nephew 660HD Image Management System

    Buy a pre-owned Smith & Nephew 660HD Image Management System at a significant savings with a warranty.