Labor and Delivery Equipment

  • GE Airborne 750i Transport Incubator

    This compact, intra-hospital transport incubator is designed to protect your patients and ensure their comfort.

  • GE Panda Warmer

    The Panda Warmer for Labor & Delivery helps keep the healthy baby healthy.

  • GE Giraffe Warmer

    The Giraffe Warmer provides a warm, comfortable, developmentally supportive environment for the baby.

  • GE Care Plus Incubator

    The Care Plus* Incubator is intuitively designed to protect your newborn patients and help you provide the best possible care.

  • GE Giraffe Incubator

    We designed our Giraffe Incubators to help you provide exceptional thermal and developmental care to your newborn patients.

  • Philips ATOM V-808 Transcapsule Transport Incubator

    The V 808 is the newest innovation in transport incubators. Padded, ergonomically positioned handles allow for comfortable movement, with the addition of monitoring to increase confidence.

  • Philips Infa Warmer I Infant Warmer 103

    Ideal for Labor and Delivery and well-baby care, the Infa Warmer i also offers advantages for high-acuity environments. Expect uniform heat delivery over the entire mattress, with a swivel heater head that angles to provide heat during procedures.

  • GE Giraffe Shuttle

    Seamless care, from one environment to another. The Giraffe Shuttle is a portable power source that connects to GE Healthcare’s Giraffe family.

  • Abbott Hospira GemStar Pain Management Infusion Pump

    Buy this Abbott Hospira GemStar - Yellow pain management PCA pump for infusion of analgesics or anesthetics for patient controlled pain management, most commonly used for epidurals.