• CareFusion Alaris Medsystem III Infusion Pump

    CareFusion's Alaris Medsystem III IV pump is a multi channel device featuring three independent fluid delivery systems in the space of one.

  • Refurbished Baxter AS50 Syringe Pump

    Buy refurbished Baxter AS50 pumps here. Developed to meet the infusion needs in NICU, Anesthesia and Critical Care, the AS50 syringe pump is accurate and simple.

  • Abbott Acclaim Encore Infusion Pump

    The Abbott Acclaim Encore pump offers the standard in infusion pump systems. It is reliable, designed well and has a low operating cost.

  • Braun BD McGaw 360 Infuser Syringe Pump

    MED buys and sells used or recertified BD McGaw 360 Infuser Syringe Pumps.

  • Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump

    Baxter InfusOR pumps are used to administer intravenous agents during anesthetic procedures in the most simplistic, efficient way possible. The InfusOR is an excellent device for outpatient surgical settings and is extremely popular with nurses. 

  • Stryker SonoPet UST-2001 Ultrasonic Aspirator

    Stryker SonoPet UST-2001 Omni Ultrasonic Surgical System wanted.

  • Baxter 6201 Infusion Pump

    The Baxter 6201 Infusion Pump features configurable custom-tailored settings to best suit a veterinary or healthcare organization's needs. Standard Baxter IV sets make this a good buy for many facilities looking for reliable infusion.

  • Abbott Hospira GemStar Pain Management Infusion Pump

    Buy this Abbott Hospira GemStar - Yellow pain management PCA pump for infusion of analgesics or anesthetics for patient controlled pain management, most commonly used for epidurals. 

  • Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump

    The Baxter 6301 Infusion Pump is a Dual channel infusion system featuring upstream and downstream occlusion detection, air-in-line detection and free flow detection. This reliable model uses standard Baxter sets that make it easy to buy the...