Thank you for visiting the Medical Equipment Dynamics booth at AAMI 2017 in Austin, TX. We are glad to have met with so many wonderful people. 


Now, the winner of AAMI 2017's Texas Gift Basket drawing has been pulled, 

and the winner is... Theresa Crofts

AAMI 2017 Giveaway Basket from MED


Why MED?

What do we mean by "Process to the Chaos"?


MED dramatically improves multiple department efficiencies through a simple, standardized system (customized for each hospital) to complete the equipment life-cycle and maximize asset value.


Here are some basics:
MED buys out-of-service equipment while implementing comprehensive, effective management of PHI removal & disposition tracking.


After equipment is marked "retired from service", is your process ideal for managing these following scenerios?

  • sold to X
  • donated to Y
  • scrapped on location
  • scrapped to organization B
  • liquidation approved by contact G
  • stored at location Y for backup
  • traded-in to Z for W model(s)
  • held in location Q for parts
  • transferred to facility Z
  • payment for sold surplus was put toward J
  • full price report completed with anticipate liquidation value currently at $X, scheduled for replacement in 2 months
  • etc..